Couples Counseling In South Bay


- Hermosa Beach, San Pedro

Couples Counseling in the South Bay includes:
Teaching communication skills
Learn your love language and that of your partner
Learn to avoid the pitfalls of relationship failure
Date your spouse again and relive the passion evident early in your relationship
Improve the intimacy and enjoy lovemaking
Love and have fun with your partner

Through assessment, our COUPLES COUNSELING IN SOUTH BAY includes our therapists developing an individually-tailored plan to remake your relationship using exercises, games, fun activities, role-playing and homefun assignments that will take your relationship from good to great or from floundering to excellent.

Learn about the four horsemen of the apocalypse from John Gottman's Seven Principles for Making Your Relationship Work. Learn why couples breakup and learn to avoid or eliminate these behaviors. Learn to make extensive love maps to know your partner intimately. Learn that resolving conflict doesn't always improve your relationship. Solve your solvable problems and don't spend time on those problems that are not solvable. Learn about how to make your relationship close and deep and how to maintain your friendship in the relationship. Learn about having a shared purpose and about helping your partner fulfill their dreams.

Learn about the five love languages which include gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, time, and touch. Learn which language is yours and what is your partner's love language and learn the specific activities you can do to speak your partner's love language.