Group Therapy


FEELING ALIENATED, ISOLATED AND ALONE ? How about a group of caring, supportive friends that are your cheerleaders, confidantes, and the ones that will listen when no one else will. DRAMATIC CHANGES HAPPEN in group therapy. All group members are sworn to CONFIDENTIALITY.

Get the support you need, meet a mentor, friend, or confidante that could be the shoulder you cry or lean on and the companion to help you reach your dreams and overcome that hurdle you're experiencing. Understand you are not the only one and overcome your isolation and loneliness, laugh, and feel appreciated by someone else.

Groups are offered on a variety of topics and are short and long-term depending on the need and include process oriented groups for support or short-term, focused groups to help an individual learn the tools to move on to the next stage of life, heal from a traumatic or upsetting event, or improve in a specific aspect of life to find more joy. Groups ongoing throughout the year.

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Relationship Recovery Group enrolling now
Exercises designed to improve your business and personal relationships to ensure your success and happiness. Communication, problem solving, empathy training are all a part of this class. Exercises are easy and fun and designed for your success.

Financial Mastery enrolling now
Learn the fundamentals of money management, law of circulation, saving, contributing, overcoming your negative attitudes about making money, and generating a financial plan to get out of doubt and to reach your financial goals and have more income than you need in a very short time.

Transform Your Life enrolling now
Identify those patterns, attitudes, negative beliefs, and emotional baggage that are stopping you from living the life of your dreams. Goal setting, an action plan, and developing a support system with mentors and coaches is an integral part of this group.

These three groups are time-limited, structured, and goal-oriented. Group members can elect to enroll again and each time it will be tailored to group members needs.

Ongoing group = Life Support Group
This is an ongoing group that supports members in their life journey through grief and loss, joy and success, transitions, and through all life's challenges.